Do you want to turn things up in 2018?  Achieve your highest goals? Find love? Get healthy?  Remove old patterns and habits that are blocking you?   Shamanic healer and spiritual teacher, Rachel Mann, PhD is coming to Alchemists Books and Gifts!

Saturday, 1/6, 6:30-8:30    Shamanic Journeying to Harness Your Highest Destiny

Join this class to learn how to track and harness your highest destiny through an age-old technique called shamanic journeying.  We will create a greater vision for your life for greater abundance.   $25

Friday-Saturday, 1/6-7, noon am to 7 pm  Shamanic Soul Readings

Get a 15– or 30-minute soul reading to glimpse into the influences in your life today and into what can be. Learn what your soul’s purpose is for your life and for 2018.  Cost: $40 for 15 mins.; $80 for 30 mins.

Call 804-320-9200 to make an appointment.