The 4 Lodges of the Great Medicine Wheel of the New Earth

Through the sacred, human map of The Great Medicine Wheel of the New Earth, Rachel invites people from all walks of life, from all backgrounds and beliefs, to the table of love and self-empowerment.   Through ceremonies of fire, water and initiation, through hands-on energy medicine, through sacred dance, song, and drumming, and building a personal mesa, or medicine bundle, students learn to connect to their Deepest Self and to move through the cycles of change in life with power and love.  At the very heart of the mystical path of shamanic living is love and the truth that we are all walking to enlightenment.

Through 4 Lodges (South, West, North and East), Rachel provides deep teachings and ceremonies inspired by ancient wisdom traditions and knowledge systems:

  • Native American spirituality of North and South America
  • Western shamanism
  • Vipassana Buddhism
  • Esoteric Christianity (meaning embracing the deep truth and compassion of the teachings of Jesus and the existence of angelic beings whose wish is to assist humans and the planet)
  • Depth psychotherapy, psychodrama and transpersonal psychology
  • Interdisciplinary academic perspectives on peace, violence and trauma healing

This dynamic combination of ancient and contemporary, western, eastern, and indigenous, provides students with a rich, earth-centered mystical path for deep personal and spiritual growth and personal and planetary healing through community building, sharing circles, prayer, ceremony, meditation, the building of personal medicine bundles (or mesas), music, dance, and energy healing.

Weekend residential classes are held at Galleywinter Farm on select weekends during the year from Friday at 11 am to Sunday at 5 pm (students living locally may commute to the class).  Non-residential classes are offered at Sacred Circle Bookshop in Alexandria, VA in which each Lodge (listed below) class meets one Sunday/month for 6 months.  Students may choose one format or do both.

Click on these links to find out more:

The South Lodge: Live your Life with Divine Abundance

The West Lodge: Heal your Deepest Wounds

The North Lodge: The Soul Seed of your Destiny

The East Lodge: Fly with Your Spirit

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