Do you have a passion for spiritual exploration and personal growth?

Do you want to expand creatively in every area of your life–relationships, work, creativity–for the benefit of yourself, your family, community, and the world?

Do you want to build the fire of compassion in your heart for yourself and others?

Do you want to heal yourself on deeper levels than ever before?

Enter into the 4 Lodge retreats of the Great Medicine Wheel of the New Earth and connect deeply with the heart of love to transform fear, stress and pain into self-empowerment, beauty and love.

Mother Earth medicine–at the heart of  the teachings and practices of The Great Medicine Wheel of the New Earth–offers a profound pathway for soul-inspired activation of transformation and healing.  Study the profound wisdom streams connected to Native American spirituality, Buddhism, depth psychology, and multidimensional perspectives on peace, violence and trauma healing.

At four 3.5 day Lodge retreats at beautiful Galleywinter Farm and Retreat Center, nestled in the Blue Ridge mountains in Central Virginia, you will eat yummy, nourishing meals, find love and support for all of who you are, build a personal personal mesa (medicine bundle), share stories of trauma and triumph in intimate sharing circles, sing sacred songs, drum, dance, meditate with mindfulness and loving kindness, learn how to pray  to and for all beings, and hear wisdom teachings to help you walk with courage, authenticity, power, and love in your life.  

This dynamic combination of ancient and contemporary, western, eastern, and indigenous, provides rich tools and resources for personal and spiritual growth, and planetary healing. Go to Classes and Events for the updated schedule.

South Lodge: Learn from gentle serpent and deer spirits how to let go of lack, limitation, scarcity and fear and to embrace a greater story of your life. Here you cultivate sweetness and love for yourself and others. 

West Lodge: Learn from Jaguar, Raven and Bear how to enter courageously into and transform the wounds you carry.  Here you meet our ancestors to receive the gifts they have given you from their triumphs and hardships, so you can walk with empowerment and confidence.

North Lodge: Learn from Hummingbird, Horse, and Buffalo the pathway to the great table of the soul.  Here you learn the deeper meaning a purpose of all challenges and triumphs and the harness your highest destiny and calling. 

East Lodge: Learn from Eagle, Hawk and Ant spirits how to die to the old and to rise up out of chaos and change fully transformed with renewed vision, passion and love for life.  Here you learn to shine the light of your spirit with the greatest compassion for yourself, others, and Mother Earth. 

With the exception of the East Lodge, there are no prerequisites to take the classes. You also do not need prior experience.  Take 1 or all 4.  COST: $575 (includes food; lodging extra).   

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For more information, contact Rachel at or call 434-227-0538.