“In ancient, indigenous societies, the healers and spiritual leaders often traveled far and wide to help and support the people. Or the people would come from long distances in search of healing, succor, spiritual assistance, and hope.”

Shamanic healers and ceremonial leaders are hard to find, depending on where you live.  You are certainly welcome to come to me.  I live on a farm in rural, central Virginia.  The atmosphere is bucolic and sweet.  I always call where I live “Tea & Sympathy House” after my wise and loving Great Pyrenees, Sym.  As you are greeted by him, my Puggle, Loki, and my two cats, Milo and Moppy, you will be made right at home and offered tea, to boot!  In this way, your healing session at my home is like a little retreat, a window of self-care in the midst of your crazy, busy life. I also teach my classes in beautiful places, like Galleywinter Farm, a farm and retreat center owned by my amazing friend and colleague, Gail Todter, herself a wonderful and skilled healer of horses and people.

I am also an avid world traveler.  It is in my blood.  My grandmother was the first woman to drive from Chicago to San Francisco.  I have been to Europe, the Soviet Union, Russia, Ukraine, Peru, Canada, and Mexico.  No distance by car or air is too far for me!

No matter whether you come to me or I go to you, I love meeting you, listening to your stories, and bringing to you the amazing, transformational spiritual wisdom streams of Native American spirituality, western shamanism, Buddhism, depth psychotherapy, and multidimensional perspectives on peace, violence and trauma healing.


I am available to give healing sessions, offer ceremony and spiritual teachings, do land and home clearings, and build Earth Wheels in the U.S and abroad.  I also love to give inspirational and informative talks in spiritual, alternative, medical, and university settings. on Mother Earth medicine for personal and planetary awakening, on radical compassion as a pathway to healing and and transformation, energy healing, the importance of spiritual activism in troubled times.


And if you want the full monty, I can bring to your area the deep teachings of the 4 Lodges of the Great Medicine Wheel of the New Earth and my Shamanic Energy Medicine Program.

Feel free to contact me to discuss what your needs and interests are. I can tailor what I do to fit your audience and setting.  434-227-0538 or email.