Here is what my students and clients are saying about my work:

“When I came to Rachel for my first healing session, I felt like she connected with me. She listened to what I was talking about on a soul level, not just an intellectual and emotional one.  I suddenly was hungry for something deeper.  Our connection opened a door to a world I had been struggling to find and I decided to go to one of the Lodges.  There, she created a sense of excitement that I was finding a place in the world with people who understand me, my art, my creativity, my passion, my way of being.  With Rachel, I felt like I was stepping through a door into another world that is about spirit and life force, creativity and earth.”      –Pamela Underhill, Landscape Artist

“Thank you so much for all your help. Since the 2 sessions with you, I have gone from 1 client a week to 5 and counting, finally coming back to the success I used to know. And it has been the difference between paying all our bills and not. So thank you, thank you, thank you.” –Elena

From clients at the yearly Coptic Conference in Johnson City, TN:

“Rachel is gorgeous, a genius and a badass!”

“I experienced a much needed clearing. So grateful for her work! A beautiful soul!

“Amazing woman! Thank you so very much!  Rachel has a huge heart and compassion.”

“Rachel’s reading was excellent, on-point, powerful, clear and unbelievably beneficial–one of my favorite readings of all time! Loved it!”

“Wow! The most powerful healing I have ever had! Thank you!”

These words and others written and spoken to me over the years keep me going.  I love supporting all my clients and students as they have found the courage to change their lives.  To just be better, less anxious and stressed, more happy, whole and beautiful people they know they can be.

This is the promise of loving, powerful medicine of Mother Earth.  Bring radical compassion and connection into your life and the world!

For more information about healing sessions and classes, contact Rachel at or 434-227-0538.