rachel_hlb_headoftable_2 I cannot say more about how deeply healing and transformational shamanic energy medicine is for any number of problems and personal goals.  Do you want to: 

  • Heal symptoms of PTSD through the removal of trauma imprints from your psyche and retrieving lost parts of yourself?
  • Shift general feelings of “stuckness” or “blah”–a lack of energy and passion in your life?
  • Stop feeling so anxious and fearful all the time?
  • Be supported to move more easily through major life crises such as the death of a loved one, loss of home, or the end of relationships, whether friendship, partnership or marriage?
  • Seek help with a chronic or life-threatening illness and/or to find out the deeper meaning and purpose of it?
  • End dead-end or abusive relationships?
  • Move forward or up in your career or change careers?
  • Aid and heal the special children in your life who find life challenging, whether because they were adopted, suffer from fetal alcohol syndrome, or are one of those kids who have special gifts and sensitivities?
  • Manifest your creative and/or spiritual, intuitive gifts more fully and even make a living doing them?
  • Find the love partner you have long dreamed of?
  • Call greater financial abundance into your life and healing your relationship with money?
  • Do couples work to identify and remove areas of conflict (see below for more)?

Or just wanting to be more happy, healthy and peaceful! I  know from working with hundreds of clients over more than a decade that shamanic energy medicine offers powerful tools to assist you with these and other personal and spiritual goals. You may find that one session will be all that you need to bust through blocks and invite greater self-confidence, creativity and wellness into your life. Or I may recommend or you may want to work over several sessions or even longer-term.  For those who want more sustained work or need help over a period of time in addressing a problem or reaching a goal, I combine energy medicine and intuitive readings with both short- and long-term personal and spiritual counseling. Let me tell you here a bit more about what I do: The shamanic energy medicine I practice draws on a number of different traditions, tools and training:

  • The rich medicine traditions of the Amazon and Andes in Central and South American particularly from Peru as adapted by my teacher, Alberto Villoldo of the Four Winds Society.
  • The perspectives of and practices from depth psychotherapy which I studied for many years, including being in Jungian psychoanalysis for 4 years with Deldon McNeely.
  • Training in psychodrama for survivors of trauma.
  • The sacred songs of the Tsalagi tradition as taught to me by my Cherokee teacher, Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo.
  • Deep academic study of the impact of violence of all kinds, from subtle to overt, on individuals and groups.

I have also been trained “by the spirits”, as I say–in that many healers likely notice that once they open the door to this work, they find themselves guided intuitively to do things which no one actually taught them in the physical. I work with clients both from my home in person or by phone/Skype (just as effective). I also work in various locations in and around Virginia, including:

I am also happy to be invited to other venues to offer intuitive/soul readings and/or healings both in the U.S. and internationally. Sessions are one hour and 15 to 30 minutes and cost $150. Package deals are available, as well, for those who want to make a longer term commitment to their healing or to working on a particular issue:  Pay for 4 sessions up front and get a 10% discount: $540. Pay for 7 sessions up front and get a 15% discount: $893. They can be used for sessions held in Rachel’s home or by phone/Skype, not for other locations where she works. To make an appointment call 434-227-0538 or email. Here are some more things to consider as you decide if shamanic energy medicine is for you: Personal Growth Shamanic energy healing can deepen your knowledge of yourself and how to meet challenges in your life. It will lessen conflict and pain in your life and increase your joy. Every minute of every day is ripe with possibility for change and growth. In personal growth work, the body, mind, emotions, and spirit are supported to move through change and tension with ease and to find the enduring source of healing within ourselves. Healing Trauma Shamanic energy healing can help release you from how you are caught in patterns of trauma in your life. Healing trauma can cure insomnia, greatly improve your family, social and work relationships. Major trauma can be the result of child abuse, sexual and domestic violence, war, or accidents. Shamanic energy healing can help with curing many major health issues that negatively impact the quality of your life and even threaten your life. These healings can cure chronic physical and emotional pain, and also end addictions of any kind–food, alcohol, drugs, or any other compulsive behavior. Shamanic energy medicine is particularly well-suited to grapple with these intractable problems. Spiritual Discovery In spiritual discovery work, we facilitate your journey towards tapping into the sources of inspiration and connection feeding you, however they may appear in your life. Find your spiritual path in or beyond religion. Let’s work together to heal your “dark night of the soul.” Let’s find ways together to fulfill your yearning to tap into something greater. Couples and Family Work When shamanic energy medicine is used by couples or members of the same family, the healing potential is exponentially increased.  During a session, you use a sacred talking stick and the healing ally stones from my medicine bundle to speak your truth to your partner–both what is good and what is challenging.  The stones are carefully placed on a sacred cloth until their is a clear map created by both of you showing very clearly present condition of the relationship, your individual and mutual wishes and desires, and where you feel stuck.  Based on what shows up as blocks and heavy energies in each of you, I give a full energy medicine session to heal all related blocks, wounds and imbalances creating the problems.  This is a powerful and effective way to create a deeper connection with your partner, to remove old patterns in your relationship and/or to make the hard decision to part ways. Contact me for more information and to set up an appointment: rachelmannphd@gmail.com or 434-227-0538