East Lodge: Fly with your Spirit

Do you love Mother Earth? Have you always felt a deep connection with stones and animals? Are you wishing to catalyze deep change in your life and manifest your highest potential?

The Great Medicine Wheel of the New Earth is a journey through 4 weekend Lodges which map the sacred journey of Mother Life based on the wisdom of Native American spirituality, Buddhism, esoteric Christianity, and depth psychology.

I am offering theĀ East Lodge : Heal Your Deepest Wounds at the beautiful Galleywinter Farm, date TBD soon in 2017. In theĀ East Lodge, we build our own medicine bundle, or mesa, and call in the energies of condor, eagle and hawk to give us the teachings of healing and abundance. We circle dance, drum, and learn how to heal so we walk in harmony and integrity in our lives.

Galleywinter Farm is on 21 acres at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Gail Todter owns and runs the farm as a healing sanctuary for horses and people. Gail and I are working together to bring the teachings of wholeness and healing in the land to one and all.

In the East Lodge, with the help of condor/eagle, we rise up out of the darkness of the night with the beauty of our spirit completely transformed. The East is the doorway to a deep peace borne of love. In caring community, we share meals and do ceremony while building a medicine bundle. We learn how….

  • How to connect into the energy of the open heart to heal wounds.
  • How to do the Great Death Rites as a ceremony of forgiveness, transcendence and completion.
  • How to dance fluidly through the 4 stages and levels of the human journey: body, mind/emotions, soul and spirit.
In all Lodges, you learn how:

  • To harness the transformational power of fire to release patterns that no longer serve you and call in the new.
  • Develop a personal relationship with power animal archetypes who assist you in your journey.
  • To purify heavy energies and emotions through meditation and fire ceremony.
  • To use dance and movement to shake off heavy energies in the aura, or Luminous Body.
  • To develop and maintain an intimate, loving relationship with angelic beings and helpers through meditation and offerings of tobacco and corn meal.

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You can contact Rachel at 434-227-0538 or rachel@mettaknowledge.com