Rachel offers a complete curriculum on Shamanic Energy Medicine. In four 4-day weekend intensives, students learn the knowledge, practices and tools for supporting and facilitating a client’s healing in a complete shamanic energy medicine session.  Each class tracks to the teachings, principles and practices of the Great Medicine Wheel of the New Earth School of Mother Earth Mysticism so that students understand how the whole of a human being—body, mind/emotions, soul and spirit—are enlisted in healing.   The program includes the following areas of knowledge and practice:

  • The neurobiology and psychology of trauma and energy medicine
  • Removal of heavy and crystallized energies in the 7 chakras and Light Body (LB)
  • Wound, entity and liquid extractions
  • Soul, Gift and Animal Ally retrieval
  • Sacred Songs for Journeying to the Domains of Night, Daytime and Heavenly Realms of the Deep Self
  • Prayer Blessings for calling in Light and Opening the Light Body (LB)
  • Sacred Ceremony for healing and deep connection to Mother Earth and the Spirit Helpers
  • Ceremony for aid to the dying and for completion of life cycles
  • Practitioner ethics and self-care
  • Self-healing practices
Program Prerequisites:To enter the SEMC Lodges, a student must have taken 1 Lodge of the Great Medicine Wheel of the New Earth.

COST: Full program: $2,780; Individual class: $695. Discounts available for paying full up front, for paying for individual classes 2 weeks in advance. Payment plan options also available.

Click on each class link to read about the specific teachings of each of the 4 classes:

Shamanic Energy Medicine 1: Cleansing and Clearing the Light Body

Shamanic Energy Medicine 2: Healing the Wounds of Trauma

Shamanic Energy Medicine 3: Reseeding the Gifts and Grace of the Soul

Shamanic Energy Medicine 4: Harnessing New Contracts and Destinies

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