“Mother Earth loves us. She is conscious and alive and wishes to show us the way to our healing and transformation.”

When you connect deeply through ceremony, prayer, energy medicine, and journeying with Mother Earth’s mountains, fields, streams, forests, and the animal and plant people, you experience yourself  as loved and supported by All of Creation.  With this deep resourcing, you will be more creative, happy and abundant in every area of your life.

In this 4 month class series, you will journey in the Domains of the Upper World with the help of the Plant and Stone People, Animals, Whales, Dolphins, Ancestors, and Mountains to connect more deeply with your Wise Soul and Expansive Spirit.  In the end, you will have a sweet and powerful prayer bundle and a ceremonial mesa altar which can be used for personal healing and the healing of others, including Mother Earth.  In the process, you will learn:

  • How to create and work with a ceremonial mesa altar
  • How to journey for messages and healing
  • How to use a prayer mesa to bring in light and energy for yourself and others
  • How to connect deeply and directly with your personal Guides, Teachers and Guardians

This is a class for students who already have some experience in doing inner work through spiritual deepening.  It is not necessary to have taken the Lodges of the Great Medicine Wheel of the New Earth.  Homework will involve doing personal journeys and deep prayer work while working with plants, stones, animals, and spirits on a beautiful ceremonial mesa altar.

There are 4 one-day meetings and 4 once-a-month evening meetings. Students must commit to taking the whole series. You may choose to attend in person or online.

For more information, please call 434-227-0538 or email rachel@mettaknowledge.com.

DATES:  Saturday, May 20, noon to 5 pm:  The Domain of the Stone and Plant People

Wednesday, May 31, 7-9 pm: Sharing Circle Meeting

Saturday, June 17, noon to 5 pm: The Domain of the Animal People and the Dolphins and Whales

Wednesday, June 28, 7-9 pm: Sharing Circle Meeting

Saturday, July 15: noon-5 pm: The Domain of the Mountain Spirits (Apus) and our Celestial Parents

Wednesday, July 26, 7-9 pm: Sharing Circle Meeting

Saturday, August 12, noon to 5 pm:  Mesa Altar Ceremony and Initiation

 Location: Tea & Sympathy House just outside Charlottesville, VA, 1784B Simmons Gap Road, Dyke, VA 22935 with the option to attend ONLINE

COST: $995
Pay in full in advance and get a 10% discount; or pay in 4-6 monthly payments the full price.

Payment options

Monthly Payments