Living with Soul Force: a Monthly FREE Conference Call with Rachel Mann, PhD

In this monthly free conference call, Rachel leads you on a walk through the love and power of the mystical path of shamanism based on the Great Medicine Wheel of the New Earth.  Learn how to heal, to live in balance, to walk with the soul force and the path of your highest destiny with passion, love and courage.  Topics for each month will occasionally change to address specific challenges in the world and in people’s lives. Rachel gives a 30–minute talk followed by a meditation and/or shamanic journeying and questions and answers.  This is a wonderful opportunity to have some intimate conversation with her and others interested in Mother Earth mysticism.

Times: 2 pm PT; 5 pm ET.

Call-in number: 712-770-4035; Access Code: 809136

South Lodge: Divine Abundance

February 15:  The Walk of Soul Force in Daily Life

March 15:  Our Precious Body is a Sacred Space

April 12: Stories of Abundance, Stories of Love

West Lodge: Heal your Deepest Wounds

May 17:  The Courage to Walk in the Shadow

June 14:  Healing the Wounds of our Ancestors

July 12: The Deep Self as a Source of Power and Peace

North Lodge:

August 16: Meet the Wise Elders Who have Lived Long and Well

September 13:  See your Life through the Eyes of the Soul’s Purpose

October 18: Harness your Highest Destiny

East Lodge:

November 15:  Live Each Day as if it is your Last

December 13: Mother Earth and Father Sun as a Source of Energy and Light

For more information or to register, email or call 434-227-0538.