I have devoted my life to the study of the deep wisdom seeds of Mother Earth Mysticism found in Buddhism, Native American spirituality and western shamanism. My goal has always been to assist others in reaching their highest potential as human beings, healing trauma, ending violence, and bringing a lasting peace to the world.  For over a decade, I have had a healing practice using shamanic energy medicine in Virginia and abroad. I also offer teachings in the U.S. and internationally on the mystical system of the Great Medicine Wheel of the New Earth. They provide a pathway for soul-inspired activation of transformation and healing through the inspiring spiritual wisdom streams of Native American spirituality, western shamanism, Buddhism, depth psychology, and multidimensional perspectives on peace, violence and trauma healing.

I bring all the following spiritual, personal and academic exploration, study, research, and teaching to my classes and healing work:

  • My own healing journey from trauma into self-empowerment.
  • The study of the medicine wheel tradition and shamanic energy medicine with the Four Winds Society Healing the Light Body School with Alberto Villoldo.
  • Training in psychodrama for survivors of trauma.
  • 30 years of study of Native American spirituality, including with Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo and the sacred medicine of the Andes in Peru.
  • A lifelong study of Vipassana Buddhism, including mindfulness and loving kindness meditations.
  • Meetings, personal interviews, and study with new shamans like Martin Prechtel and Bradford Keeney.
  • 25 years of undergraduate teaching with the University of Virginia and graduate teaching with Atlantic University on many topics related to spirituality, healing, violence, and peace:  “Story and Healing,” “The New shamanism in the West,” “Cultural Identity and Conflict,” “The Contemplative Sciences,” “Gandhi and the Native American Peacekeepers,” “Introduction to Transpersonal Psychology,” and “Qualitative Research Methods from a Transpersonal Perspective.”
  • Consulting and leading professional trainings with organizations working to spread contemplative and spiritual principles into the mainstream, with a view to expanding consciousness, healing trauma and ending violence: Naropa University BA program in Contemplative Psychology, the Garrison Institute Transforming Trauma Program (now called Contemplative-Based Resilience), the Art of Surviving Project with the  Virginia Domestic Violence and Action Alliance, Search for Common Ground, and others.
  • My love of and life with dogs!  Especially my Great Pyrrenees, Sym (short for Tea & Sympathy–which we offer a lot of to all who come), who is one of my greatest teachers about staying happy, funny, peaceful, and wise in the midst of change and even death.

I am thankful to my Native American teachers who had the courage to follow their calling to offer their deep wisdom traditions to a world in crisis and in need of tools for finding balance, cultivating harmony and attaining inner peace.  I am inspired by them.

I offer healing sessions and/or soul readings to support and assist people on their journey of transformation at various locations, including:

My writings on healing, spirituality and shamanism have been published in Spirituality & Health, YourLifeisaTrip, Awareness Magazine, ECHO World, and Wildfire, a publication founded by the great Native American teacher, Sun Bear.

You can find interviews with me at My Seven Chakras with Aditya,  Sancit Holistic Podcast and the Trauma Therapist.

I am available to give talks and classes on Mother Earth medicine, radical compassion for personal and planetary growth and transformation, healing, spirituality, violence and peace in spiritual, alternative, medical, and university settings. I am also available to give teachings and serve as a healing practitioner and to give soul readings at conferences and special venues in the US and abroad.

For more information about me and my work, call 434-227-0538 or email rachelmannphd@gmail.com.