You can have complete self-confidence, abundant creativity, deep and passionate connections to yourself and others, meaningful work, a happy family life, and the generous sweetness of love.

You can be abundant and gorgeous inside and out like these beautiful carnations, symbols of love in the Andes in Peru! 

But maybe you feel like you are not there yet, or there is something missing or yet to be done, or you don’t know how to get there…

Or you feel stuck in dead-end, unfulfilling work or relationships…

There seems to be a lot of conflict and pain in your life…

You are going through a divorce, have been fired or laid off from your job, have had a near-death experience, or have developed an illness that threatens your very life or at least the quality of your life…

You have a feeling that you have a mission or purpose in life, but are not sure what it is or how to find it…

You have creative gifts and passionate interests which you long to manifest more fully and maybe even make a living from…

You have been searching for a long time for the meaning of life and you want to know more, understand more, feel more, and be more….

Maybe everything you’ve tried and explored until now (therapy, self-help and spiritual exploration and study, various healing modalities) hasn’t led to the joy, happiness, deeper meaning and purpose you have been longing for.

I believe who you are and what you love can be fully embraced, seen, valued and supported in every area of your life….

When you discover the power of shamanic energy medicine and tap into the spiritual wisdom of Mother Earth Mysticism, you will find a powerful map and support for transforming your life on every level.

I offer shamanic energy medicine sessions to clients seeking healing from trauma, wishing to break through blocks to creativity and love, and create greater happiness and abundance in their lives.  My methods are adapted from the indigenous peoples of the Andes and Amazon and incorporate understandings from depth psychotherapy and interdisciplinary perspectives on trauma, resilience and healing.

I also provide deep spiritual teachings and guidance in classes that provide a practical way for integrate every level of your life in a powerful and profound way–the business of the day to day, the storms and challenges of mind and emotions, the true meaning and purpose given by the soul, and the spirit or light that is always there.   I bring to this great table of spirit all the influences of my own study of  shamanism, Native American spirituality, Buddhism, and depth psychology.

Whether you want to heal trauma, call more abundance into your life, create the work of your heart, or simply connect more deeply into the gravity of love of Mother Earth and Spirit, you will find fun, warmth and transformation with me and our caring community.

I believe with every fiber of my being that when you join this caring community of fellow travelers seeking to heal their deepest wounds and ills and/or seeking spiritual wisdom along the path of love of the Great Medicine Wheel of the New Earth, you will tap into an abundant spirit and powerful transformation of your life into greater joy, freedom and abundance.  

Here’s a wonderful picture of one my students and her friends having a wonderful time during a beautiful flower-water ceremony at the Lynch River in Virginia.

Imagine yourself out in nature and smiling, too!

Imagine your life when all of who you are and what you love is fully seen, valued and supported in every area of your life.  When you are no longer haunted by heavy patterns and traumas and feel alive and vital in the present looking towards an optimistic future.

You can be joyful and have inner peace.

You can finally be free of the downstream effects of traumatic events in the past.

You can be your true, authentic self in every area of your life—work, family, friendships, and spirituality.

You can harness your gifts of healing, intuition and empathy in a balanced way.

You can leave a dead-end or unfulfilling career, work or relationship and have abundance on every level.

You can build a new and more creative fulfilling life after a dramatic, life-changing even, whether divorce, death of a loved one, loss of a job, illness, or a near-death experience.

You can have a deeper understanding about the meaning and purpose of your life.

You can manifest your creative gifts more fully in the world as a knitter, crafter, writer, artist, actor, gardener, genius mom, grandmom, or anywhere else your passion and purpose shows up!  You may even want to be able to make a living doing it!

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Or find out more about how to sign up for a shamanic energy medicine session or to attend classes: or 434-227-0538. Go to Classes and Events to see upcoming offerings.

I am so grateful for the honor of working with you, my clients and students. Your courage and wish to change your lives and connect more deeply is inspiring. Through you, my own connection to the Spirit of Earth and Sky, of the Invisible Realms and to all sentient beings  is strengthened. Through you, I am brought over and over again back into the vast territory of the heart and am reminded to love myself as I love you.   

–Warm regards, Rachel

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