02 Aug Your Energy Body is Like your Car: It Needs a Regular Oil Change

Is your energy low? Do you feel drab despite the sun shining so brightly outside? Do you feel stuck in your head with old stories and ruminations running over and over again? Do you feel like the stress in your job or at home is somehow in your pores--and even out to the very tips of every strand of hair on your head?  Or do you feel like you pick up the stress, tension and distress of others around you and can't shake it off? Or is there a haunting sensation of old traumas somehow still imprinted inside of you, no matter how much talk therapy you have had, positive thinking rituals you commit to, or how diligently you have tried to "move on"? All of this dis-ease, drabness, stuckness, tension, and trauma actually IS within, through and around you as an energy.  This also means that, with the right tools, you don't have to walk around carrying all this heavy energy s in your mind, body and emotions. You can actually feel lighter, more optimistic, and peaceful! 
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