The Solstices are potent times to catalyze your dreams and stoke the inner fire of creativity, passion and purpose.  

Through ceremonies of sacred song, dance and drumming, fire and Mother Earth Mysticism, build soul force, heal your heart, and pray for what you wish to bring into being in your life, the lives of your loved ones and the planet!

Rachel and Gail Todter are offering two weekend retreats in 2017 at beautiful Galleywinter Farm just south of Charlottesville, Virginia:

Summer Solstice: Build the Fire of Manifestation! Saturday and Sunday, June 24-25

Winter Solstice: Keep that Little Old Light Burning Within! Saturday and Sunday, December 9-10

Come for both days and an overnight stay on the farm with Gail’s magical horses or come for one day. This is a great way to gather together with friends or, if you are a newcomer, to meet our caring community of mystical, shamanic practitioners and to learn more about the Great Medicine Wheel of the New Earth School of Mother Earth Mysticism.

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