Do you have a passion for spiritual exploration and personal growth?

Do you love Mother Earth?

Are you seeking a way to activate your vital life force to live a fuller, more creative and purposeful life?

Do you feel the force of change calling you to step into greater personal authenticity?

Do you want to expand creatively in every area of your life for the benefit of yourself, your family, community, and the world?

Do you want to cultivate deep kindness and caring for yourself and others?

Do you believe the force of love can defeat fear and violence? Do you want to know how to build this fire of compassion within and without?

Do you feel the calling to be a guide, teacher and/or healer for others?  Or to be on stage where you would offer your hard-earned wisdom and inspiration to others?

Do you want to heal yourself on deeper levels than ever before?

Enter into the heart of love and transform your stress, pain, and self-doubt into beauty and sweetness.

We are living in a time of profound change.  Radical compassion means that as we develop loving kindness for ourselves, so we foster greater empathy and potency of action in our lives and for the healing of all.  As we nurture this deep well of goodness and abundance for ourselves and all beings, we clear and nourish the unbroken energy cord connecting our human self to our highest wisdom. Out of this, profound personal and planetary awakening and growth is catalyzed.

Mother Earth medicine–at the heart of  the teachings and practices of The Great Medicine Wheel of the New Earth–offers a profound pathway for soul-inspired activation of transformation and healing.

There is nothing more important in these times of change and stress than to first, love yourself, and second, to love the Earth and All your Relations. 

In the Great Medicine Wheel of the New Earth, I incorporate all the teachings and practices learned through my lifelong study of the spiritual wisdom streams of Native American spirituality, western shamanism, Buddhism, depth psychotherapy, and multidimensional perspectives on peace, violence and trauma healing. You are led on a powerful journey of transformation and deepening through 4 Lodge retreats at the beautiful Galleywinter Farm and Retreat Center nestled in the Blue Ridge mountains in Central Virginia.

Over 3.5 days together, in living community:

  • We activate earth medicine through rites of initiation to build a personal mesa (medicine bundle).
  • We open our hearts and minds and foster empathy and connection in community sharing circles.
  • We tap into vital life force through sacred dances, song and drumming.
  • We learn meditations on mindfulness, loving kindness, awareness and protection to build stability and light in ourselves and the world.
  • We actualize our deepest intention for goodness and healing through prayer.

This dynamic combination of ancient and contemporary, western, eastern, and indigenous, provides rich tools and resources for personal and spiritual growth, and personal and planetary healing. I  invite everyone from all walks of life, backgrounds and beliefs, to this great table of love and self-empowerment as we dream a New Earth into being.

Three-and-a-half-day residential Lodge retreats are held at Galleywinter Farm on select weekends during the year from Thursday through Sunday. Go to Classes and Events for the updated schedule.

Click on these links to find out more about the Lodge retreats in the Great Medicine Wheel of the New Earth:

The South Lodge: The Heart of Love

The West Lodge: The Beauty of Emboldened Change

The North Lodge: Passionate Connection to Soul-Inspiration

The East Lodge: The Great Spirit of Life

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