“In ancient, indigenous societies, the healers and spiritual leaders often traveled far and wide to help and support the people.”

Shamanic healers and ceremonial leaders are hard to find, depending on where you live.  In addition to working out of her home and by phone or Skype, Rachel offers shamanic energy healing sessions once a month at Sacred Circle Books, Alexandria, VA.

She is also available to be invited to give healing sessions, offer ceremony and spiritual teachings, do land and home clearings, and build Earth Wheels in the U.S and abroad.  She has traveled all around Virginia and to Quebec.

Rachel is available to give inspirational and informative talks on shamanism, Buddhist thought and its relationship to Native American spirituality, healing, violence and peace in spiritual, alternative, medical, and university settings.

To make appointments at Sacred Circle, call 703-299-9309. To see Rachel in her home, to work with her long distance by phone or Skype, or to make inquiries about inviting her to your area to call 434-227-0538 or email.