“We each have direct access to the sacred in and around us.  Some find it through contemplation on a God-force. Some in other ways equally as true. Those who seek and find it through communion with Nature walk the path of Mother Earth mysticism.”

Rachel founded the Great Medicine Wheel of the New Earth School of Mother Earth Mysticism in 2010 in response to an invitation to teach about the mesa tradition and to build an Earth Wheel of stone.  The mesa is a medicine bundle or sacred altar holding 13 stones which have been put through rites of initiation to become healing ally stones.

The next day, after the call, she went down the road to walk in a beautiful open field to contemplate the request and to decide if she was meant to do this.  She prayed for guidance. Suddenly a wind kicked up and she heard in her inner ear these words: “What you teach will be called the Great Medicine Wheel of the New Earth. It will be a great table of compassion welcoming anyone of good heart who wishes to walk the road to enlightenment through connection to the love of Mother Earth. It will lay the groundwork for all human beings to live in harmony and peace.”  The message was clear and so Rachel started teaching about the ancient, perennial system of the medicine wheel.  In these classes, you learn to walk in life with grace, power and peace supported by a deep, mystical connection to Mother Earth and her children–the animals, plants, stones, waters, and mountains.

True to her own journey and her many spiritual teachers, she incorporates into the Great Medicine Wheel many traditions, including Buddhism, western shamanism, esoteric Christianity, and depth psychology.  Her work is influenced by the ancient wisdom of the indigenous peoples of Peru and the mystical teachings of the Tsalagi (Cherokee).

In the School of Mother Earth Mysticism, there are several ways for students to learn, heal, and deepen spiritually and personally:

In the 4 Lodges (South, West, North East), you move through the teachings of the medicine wheel to learn how to live with soul force, passion and balance through deep integration of the body, mind/emotions, soul, and spirit. You build a mesa, or medicine bundle through rites of initiation to embrace the path of deep spirit and connection as a healer and wisdom walker on the planet.

In this 4 month class series, you journey in the Domains of the Upper World with the help of the Plant and Stone People, Animals, Whales, Dolphins, Ancestors, and Mountains to connect more deeply with your Wise Soul and Expansive Spirit.  In the end, you will have a sweet and powerful prayer bundle and a ceremonial mesa altar which can be used for personal healing and the healing of others and Mother Earth.

In four 4-day weekend intensives, you learn the knowledge, practices and tools for supporting and facilitating a client’s healing in a complete shamanic energy medicine session.  Each class tracks to the teachings, principles and practices of the 4 Lodges of the Great Medicine Wheel of the New Earth so that you understand how the whole of a human being—body, mind/emotions, soul and spirit—are enlisted in healing.

  • Living with Soul Force: Teachings on Shamanism

In this 12-class series, Rachel leads you on a walk through the love and power of the shamanic path based on the core principles of the Great Medicine Wheel of the New Earth School of Mother Earth Mysticism.  Learn how to heal, to live in balance, to walk with the soul force and the path of your highest destiny with passion, love and courage.  Rachel gives a 45-minute talk followed by a half hour of questions and answers. This is a wonderful time to connect personally with Rachel to deepen your spiritual practice or to be introduced to new pathways on the journey of Mother Life.

For more information about classes or to register, contact Rachel at rachelmannphd@gmail.com or 434-227-0538.