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A Map of a Shamanic Energy Healing SessionClasses

Rachel strives to make sure her clients are well-informed and comfortable with their work together.  Many people have never had an energy healing session, much less using shamanic energy medicine. The following description provides a snapshot of what happens in a one to two hour session.  If you have any questions after reading this, feel free to call or email Rachel.

Setting Clear Intention

First, Rachel and you will talk about the challenges, patterns and issues showing up most strongly in your life. What is troubling you? What is holding you back? From the past or in the present? What would you like to do differently? What would you like to change?

This part of the session feels a bit like talk therapy. Yet the goal is a bit different: you are not seeking to remember, analyze and understand your past experiences or even present conditions, but to connect into their energy, sensations in the body and related emotions.  In this way, you and Rachel can capture the very tip of the thread–that cord of light which links present experience into the past or the future–and pull it through the eye of the needle. Once this is done, then a clear intention for the work can be set and followed. The intention then links into the trapped or hidden energies in the body, mind, emotions, and Deep Self, but also into the soul gifts and parts which are waiting to return into conscious awareness and manifestation.

Selecting a Helping Stone

Rachel then hands you a stone from my mesa, or medicine bundle which will be your healing ally. This stone can draw heavy energies out of your field or transfer light energies into it. Holding the stone in your hands, Rachel has you hold the stone close to your mouth and blow 3 times into it to imprint it with the emotions, physical sensations, and intention. Rachel then has you lie on the massage table, fully clothed.  There, for the duration of the energy healing component of the session, you relax and breathe in through the nose and out through the  mouth while imagining that you are inhaling the light and healing energies available in the room and exhaling the heavy energies in yourself.

Testing Your Auric Body

Rachel takes the healing ally stone, now infused with your energy and intention, to test which energy centers or chakras are most affected by the issue. When we are stressed or out of balance one or all of the chakras will often be clogged, torn, spinning improperly, or otherwise unhealthy.  Rachel places the stone on lowest of the affected chakras.

Clearing the Auric Body and Installing New Imprints

Rachel uses a variety of tools and methods to move and remove heavy energy:  the natural movement of sound (rattling, drumming, singing, whistling), the sweet smoke of sage and Palo Santo, and visualization.  She then travels to the Deep Self, often called in western shamanism the “Lower World”–the subconscious–to extract the experiences, oaths, curses, vows, and soul contracts which have been binding your energy and creating unhappiness in your life.  She cuts the energy cords which connect us to past experiences, people and places which no longer serve you.  She then travels again to retrieve lost soul parts and rewrite old soul contracts.  Once Rachel has these, she blows them into selected chakras so they will integrate into your Light Body and thus begin to catalyze new experiences and greater happiness in your life.

Debriefing and Meaning

Once the energy medicine portion of the session is complete, Rachel and you review what you both saw, felt, sense, and heard, what was cleared out, and the soul gifts, soul parts, new soul contracts, and higher destinies brought back and seeded into your Light Body.  In this way, you leave not only with a clear and clean Light Body, but you have a renewed sense of purpose and intention for your life ahead.

How long does it take to heal?

Will one session be enough to radically change your life? Or more? The answer varies from person to person: one person may come and experience a profound and immediate transformation. Sometimes, Rachel may suggest at the end of a single session that another person come for one, two or more sessions. Occasionally, if the imprint of trauma is especially deep, she may say it is unknown how many sessions may be needed. There are many reasons for using shamanic energy medicine.  In our meeting, we will work together to find out what intention will best serve you.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]