In the West Lodge, we courageously enter into the deepest recesses of our mind and emotions to transmute the ancient wounds which continue to drive us and the world in never ending cycles of conflict. We honor memory and the ancestors to find the greatest beauty at the heart of our own and the world’s suffering.  We offer gifts of gratitude and appreciation for the many lessons in life which have made us stronger and more courageous as we call forth empathy and understanding for all.

The heart of love calls forth your beauty and bold transformation.

Do you have a passion for spiritual exploration?  Do you love Mother Earth? Are you seeking a way to activate vital life force to live a fuller, more creative and purposeful life?Do you feel the force of change calling you to stepping into a greater personal truth and courage to act?  Do you want to embrace healing and creative expansion in every area of your life for the benefit of yourself, your family, community, and even the world? Do you want to cultivate a radical kindness and caring for yourself and others? Do you want to be an inspiration, guide and teacher for others? Do you believe the force of love can defeat fear and separation in every domain of life?

The Great Medicine Wheel of the New Earth maps a profound and powerful journey through 4 Lodges which call love, beauty, connection and radical compassion into your life and the world.  Step into a more emboldened, creative, love-filled, and soul-inspired life.

Rachel brings to her insightful and inspiring teachings the wisdom she learned from her long study of Native American spirituality, Buddhism, and depth psychology.

Come to the West Lodge, Thursday-Saturday, April 19-22, 2018, in the mountains of the Blue Ridge at beautiful Galleywinter Farm and Retreat Center, on 21 acres at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains just outside Charlottesville, Virginia. Gail Todter owns and runs the farm as a healing sanctuary for horses and people.

In this beautiful setting assisted by the horses, you join a caring community of spiritual explorers, who meditate, pray, share our stories, and do ceremonies of fire, circle dancing, drumming, and energy healing. In the 4 Lodges, you will initiate a sacred medicine bundle of 13 healing ally stones, following the tradition of the mesa from the Andes in Peru.

There are no prerequisites for this Lodge.

In all Lodges, you learn how to:

  • Harness the transformational power of fire to release patterns that no longer serve you and call in the new.
  • Develop a personal relationship with power animal archetypes who assist you on your journey.
  • Purify heavy energies and emotions through meditation and fire ceremony.
  • Use dance and movement to shake off heavy energies from Luminous Body and bring in energies of light.
  • Develop a deep prayer of gratitude and aspiration for goodness for yourself and all beings.

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