The West Lodge: Heal your Deepest Wounds

Do you still feel like you are carrying the weight past wounds despite years on a healing journey? Or are you just becoming aware that old traumas are still haunting your life in negative ways?  Do you feel you are carrying the hard histories of your family and ancestors and wish to be free?  Or do you simply want to go even deeper into your spiritual journey and your connection to Spirit?

You can live fully and heal powerfully.

Come to the West Lodge in the mountains of the Blue Ridge

Friday-Saturday, September 15-17, 2017

Do you love Mother Earth? Have you always felt a deep connection with stones and animals? Are you wishing to catalyze deep change in your life and manifest your highest potential?

The Great Medicine Wheel of the New Earth is a journey through 4 weekend Lodges which map the sacred journey of Mother Life based on the wisdom of Native American spirituality, Buddhism, esoteric Christianity, and depth psychology.

I am offering the West Lodge : Heal Your Deepest Wounds at the beautiful Galleywinter Farm, October 21-23, 2016. In the West Lodge, we build our own medicine bundle, or mesa, and call in the energies of jaguar, crow and bear to give us the teachings of healing and abundance. We circle dance, drum, and learn how to

In this weekend class, we  visit the places of our most ancient woundings and transform them into beautiful gifts of power that have long been hidden from view.  We build our personal medicine bundle, or mesa, and learn….

  • How to journey into our unconscious to find and extract the sources of our wounds
  • How to do soul retrievals of parts of self long lost and waiting to be reintegrated into our conscious, daily life.
  • How to heal transgenerational wounds in yourself, your family, and community.
In all Lodges, you learn how:

  • To harness the transformational power of fire to release patterns that no longer serve you and call in the new.
  • Develop a personal relationship with power animal archetypes who assist you in your journey.
  • To purify heavy energies and emotions through meditation and fire ceremony.
  • To use dance and movement to shake off heavy energies in the aura, or Luminous Body.
  • To develop and maintain an intimate, loving relationship with angelic beings and helpers through meditation and offerings of tobacco and corn meal.

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