In the second class of the four 4-day intensives of the Shamanic Energy Medicine program of the Great Medicine Wheel of the New Earth School of Mother Earth Mysticism, you learn the following:

Shamanic Energy Medicine 2: Healing the Wounds of Trauma

  • Psychotherapeutic Perspectives on Trauma and Neurophysiology of Soul Loss and Soul Gifts
  • Intake and diagnosis of core wounding and soul loss
  • Mapping the Domains of the Wheel of Mother Life
  • Mapping the Lower Domains of the Deep Self
  • Reading the Archetypes (3-card spread)
  • Sacred Songs for journeying
  • Journeying with Animal Ally to Lower Realms of the Deep Self (Jaguar, Raven/Crow, Bear)
  • Wound extraction
  • Contract extraction and retrieval
  • Tracking and Cord Cutting to People, Events and Experiences
  • Sacred Somatics, Part 2
  • Gift Retrieval
  • Animal Ally Retrieval
  • Mother Earth Attunement
  • Sacred Storytelling
  • Energy Sealing
  • Reading the Archetypes (2 Card) and Sacred Drama
  • Client debriefing and homework: Ancestor Shrine
  • Self-healing: Tracking and removing wounds
  • Practitioner Ethics: Holding the Darkness and the Healing of the Healer

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Shamanic Energy Medicine 4: Harnessing New Contracts and Destinies

Location: Tea & Sympathy House, Charlottesville, VA

DATES: Thursday-Friday, September 14-17, 2017


Individual class: $595

Discounts available for payment in full up front, for paying for individual classes 2 weeks in advance. Payment plan options also available.

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For more information contact Rachel at or call 434-227-0538.