What is your intention for your life? To live your dreams with an open heart? To tap into the great love of the universe and be a creator?

Shamanic energy medicine changes lives.

I changed my life in 2007 to become a shamanic healer and spiritual teacher in response to a deep inner calling to no longer compromise in service of mere survival.  I tell you that you can refuse to live a simply ordinary life. You can be creative, empowered, dynamic, in love, and have fun.

In classes, individual shamanic energy healing sessions, and community ceremony, I bring together the profound understandings generously gifted to the wider world by Native American and Buddhist wisdom traditions, principles of western psychotherapy, and the inspiration of esoteric Christianity in the Great Medicine Wheel of the New Earth. This powerful and profound system provides you with a map for the journey of Mother Life from change and chaos to forgiveness and peace. Whether you want to heal trauma, call more love into your life, create the work of your heart, or simply connect more deeply into the mystical energies of Mother Earth and the Spirit of All, I seek to bring intimacy, caring and transformation to each and every student and client.  Read on and join me and our spiritual community in the sweetness of sacred song, dance, prayer, ceremony, and energy healing.

Energy Healing

Energy Healing


Discover Mystical Peru

Ceremony and Community


Mother Earth Mysticism

Mother Earth Mysticism

Healing Trauma

Healing Trauma

At our very core, we desire to live courageously from our hearts.

But the confused beliefs and traumas from our own past and that of our ancestors may hold us back.

Shamanic energy healing and ceremony cleans out the heavy burdens from these imbalances in our body, mind and emotions.

We are then imprinted at the core of our Deep Self with the Soul Parts and Yet-to-be Manifested Potential which has always been within us and our ancestors.

Once this is done, we begin to realize our highest dreams.



Cloud Spiral August 2015 Broadway


Rachel_at_her_desk_March_2010I am so grateful for the honor of working with you, my clients and students. Your courage and wish to change your lives and connect more deeply is inspiring. Through you, my own connection to the Spirit of Earth and Sky, of the Invisible Realms and to all sentient beings  is strengthened. Through you, I am brought over and over again back into the vast territory of the heart and am reminded to love myself as I love you.   

–Warm regards, Rachel